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With long lasting and detailed experience in Mergers and Acquisitions, TRENECO AB has the skill that you require to go through with your next M&A project. Be it for the asset and business evaluation, the due diligence process, competitive research, the integration and/or the negotiations of Mergers and Acquisitions, TRENECO AB is the partner you want on your side when it comes to making the right decisions.

Due to our continuous involvement with this industry and the many thousands of contacts that we maintain worldwide, we are in the position to discreetly help you finding your next acquisition project.

If you are considering to sell your business or if you are seeking a strong business partner, Treneco has the potential to find you the right investor discreetly and fast.


Wether you are invested or you want to become an investor in the Paper Packaging Industry, TRENECO AB can help you understand this business from a neutral point of view. Financial review, business prospects, company assets, market share reports, management capabillities and more are our virtue. We understand this business inside out and back again. If you want to make sure that your investment is safe and prosperous, please feel free to ask us for a meeting.


If you are facing complex business situation that require turn around Management or temporary involvement of Expert Leadership, TRENECO AB can provide you with just the right kind of support. With our industry expert partners and consultants we have the capacity to run your operations even on extended temporary terms. Having worked hands on in the Corrugated and Paper Packaging Industry for a combined period exceeding 100 years of experience, TRENECO AB can provide you with just the right drive to turn a business around.
At such times when companies loose key people, succession planning has been of a low priority or there is just the need to find a new capable leader for your company. TRENECO can help.


TRENECO AB has long lasting experience with the adustment of losses in the Corrugated and Paper Packaging industry. From minor losses to complete plant fire or flood losses we have helped clients through their most devastating moments. TRENECO AB is a registered partner to some of the largest Industrial Insurance providers world wide. Our experts do not only provide expert knowhow for the loss evaluations, but also project management to help minimizing the business interuption through out the loss adjustment period. Our experience in this area creates the basis for providing clients with accurate appraisals helping to find the right numbers for a fair insurance premium with your provider. Try us and you will find out about the difference that we can make!


To invest in major capital equipment or even in a new boxplant is a riskful undertaking that is often underestimated in its complexity. TRENECO AB has grand experience with large investment projects and all the necessary resources and contacts to execute professionally. Our experience with the sourcing of capital equipment can help you to optimize such projects financialy. TRENECO can not only assure you of getting the most for your money but also to get done in time for your start up.


The value of qualified Project Management is often underestimated. TRENECO AB has all the experience and tools available that can help you stream lining your projects. Layout changes, Organizational changes, Implementation of LEAN, Investment-, Integration- and/or Rationalization Projects have been our daily work for many years. TRENECO AB can help you being successful with any kind of project that you have in mind. Not only can we lead such projects, but also implement systems that will help your organization to become more proffesional with future projects by your own.


The Paper Packaging Industry has been disregarded by many countries educational institutions. We at TRENECO AB often come across situations were good leaders struggle with the specifics of our industry. TRENECO AB can help you educating your leadership teams and make them fit for the Paper Packaging Industry. Not only do we provide education on Production Methods, Logistics, Sales, LEAN, Financial and Production Reporting, we can also act as Mentors that assure your long lasting success with the training provided. TRENECO AB’s training and education program can provide you with the bridge that helps you to go from an average operation to become the Leading Provider of packaging in your markets.


As the sourcing of packaging materials requires continuity and sustainabillity for the customers of the Paperpacking Industry TRENECO AB has developed processes and methods that support both the audited company and the auditor. We provide the means to make the auditing process complient for both parties. Further to that we provide an auditing service for packaging buyer that can handle multinational sourcing requirements. Try us and see what difference we can make!

Expert advice to the world wide corrugated and paper packaging industry