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TRENECO AB is the partner you want when it comes to making the right decisions.

About Us

TRENECO AB was founded out of our understanding about the paper packaging and tissue industry’s need to find expertise for projects outside their regular workload. Any industry that has to be as LEAN and efficient as the Packaging and Tissue converting Industry, will only invest sporadically.

As an understandable consequence, large expansions and investments in capital equipment are not part of the daily activities in such company’s leadership team. There is almost no producer in these industries who has not experienced financial losses with investments in expansion and change programs in the past. A loss which could have been substantially minimized if the right knowledge would have been available at the time of need.

It is TRENECO’s experience with technical, organizational and operational project work that makes our contribution unique for our clients. We offer all expert services that our clients only require on a time-limited basis. Talk to us and find out how we can support you.

Our Vision

TRENECO AB was founded to provide expert advice to the world wide corrugated and paper packaging industry.

We are the first and only group of consultants with a significant range of expertise specific to this industry

What do we bring to the table?

  • More than 75 manyears of paper packaging industry experience in management positions.
  • Proven track record for past successful consulting activity with offices in Sweden and Singapore.
  • World wide industry contacts & Language skills.
  • Access to highly skilled professionals within the world of paper packaging.
  • Innovative new products, concepts and ideas helping the industry to reach their next level.
  • Development of strategic concepts & practical support for the project execution.
  • Purchasing leverage with most industry suppliers.


Customer Comments

Expert advice to the world wide corrugated and paper packaging industry